VOICE oF the patron


Guardian Spiritual Director Immanuel Vision

Most Rev. Franco Mulakkal



“Stretch out your hand to heal, and grant that wonders And miracles may be performed through the name of Your holy Servant Jesus” (Acts 4:30)


Our Lord Jesus was the one who set out in search of lambs. The proclamation of the Good Word by Jesus was done outside the synagogues. Jesus had come in search of sinners. The proclamation of Gospel and the associated activities were done on the slopes of mountains, beaches, lakeside and on the streets.


Jesus had proceeded in search of lambs. Immanuel Vision has started presenting very forcefully, the Word of God, through Television, Big screen, Electronic displays, cable TV network, at cinema halls, Railway stations, metro stations and other public places.


I thank Jesus for starting this style of Gospel proclamation, which is very essential in this new era of ours, initiated by Immanuel Vision, with a new style of Visual Media Evangelisation.


I pray that the Hindi Adaptation of “Lamb of God” which proclaims that Jesus it the Sole Redeemer, be completed at the earliest. Let it be a powerful instrument for the Evangelisation of Bharat.


May God make us understand the holiness of priestly service and increase priestly vocations, in this year of Evangelisation through the feature film being picturised, based on the life of Fr. Benedict Onamkulam.


Together with it, I hope this feature film, be the retort by the Holy Spirit, towards the negative onslaught against Holy Church, priests and nuns through media especially the vilification and sneer through visual media.


To those who ask, how this is possible and are overawed, I have only this to say – the reply given to Blessed Mother by heaven : “Nothing is impossible for God.”…2


Let all activities of Immanuel Vision bring about hundred times fruitful results, thinking and working together with the Holy Church.


While requesting all types of co-operation to Immanuel Vision, which is engaged in imparting God’s Word, in the latest form, with the style of Gospel propagation, by Jesus, going out in search of sheep, I earnestly pray that let there be the protection of Jesus Our Lord, his blessings, guidance by the Holy Spirit, love of God the Father, love of our Blessed Mother and prayers of all Saints, for Immanuel Vision.


Yours in Christ,

Bishop Franco Mulakkal.