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Financial Fellowship

We should always give to God what we get!

Proclaiming the word of God through the modern Visual media is very expensive, and every financial backer counts! All of us who run the ministry already back the Projects financially but it is not always enough so You can be part of that as well! We will be constantly updating you about the ongoing projects and works of Immanuel Vision when you are a Monthly contributor. You can also choose a One Time Contribution.

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Media Team 

Media Team Immanuel Vision is the technical team that produces all the products of Immanuel Vision. From our Website, Books to Shorts, Documentaries and to every type of Visual Media through which we give the Gospel. Everyone who works at Immanuel Vision including the Founder works Voluntarily in the time that we get like a Family.

If You have a talent in any of the Technical Fields, do not be hesitant to contact us if you want to use those Gifts for the Kingdom of Heaven.

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Intercessory Team

Intercessory Team Immanuel Vision is the Prayer Powerhouse behind all the projects of Immanuel Vision. And to make  it more awesome, it is a Global team. The daily Ongoing Project Updates is always being sent to the Intercessory Team, so that they can pray for the Ongoing Projects and Works, wherever they are, at work, at home, at church, etc. The Intercessory Team which consists of people around the Globe also meet together every week on Wednesdays through Zoom to Pray.