Spiritual father speaks


Spiritual Father Immanuel Vision

Rev. Fr. Shajan Thermadom


“I solemnly urge you, to preach the message, to insist upon proclaiming it, whether the time is right or not, to convince, reproach and encourage as you teach with all patience” (2 Timothy 4:2)


St. Peter was one, who, had disowned his guru who was everything to him, in the presence of an insignificant servant-woman. But after the Anointing by Holy Spirit, Peter has not looked into the circumstances, locations or seasons. Peter courageously announced thus: “Under the heavens, among human beings, no other name has been granted for our salvation, except the name of Jesus.” Situations were not favorable for Peter. Still, facing all the people of the earth, he proclaimed thus: “God raised Jesus as Creator and Christ, whom you had crucified.” I pray that Holy Spirit guide you along the way, in every new steps of Immanuel Vision, proclaiming Living Word of Jesus through visual media in a novel method, without staring at the situations around us, only concent rating on Jesus and taking strength from him.


I specially pray that Immanuel Vision be granted God’s grace to complete at the earliest, the motion picture based on the life of Fr. Benedict Onamkulam, illustrating the forgiving love and purity of priestly service of eternal priest, Jesus. It is essential that this movie emerges for exhibition in this era, when Holy Church, Christ and priests are being discolored through visual media. It is due to this reason, I pray to Jesus that due co-operation with prayers, money and action, in great quantity, may be granted for this endeavor of Immanuel Vision.


Praying that under Christ’s protection, Immanuel Vision may flare up and dazzle over the whole world.


Your own,

Fr. Shajan.