Team Immanuel

The people behind this ministry comprise a team of dedicated catholic laymen burning with the ardent desire to proclaim Jesus as the only redeemer without any compromise. We work with the church, for the church strictly obeying the authorities. The source of our energy is in receiving the sacraments of the church and reciting rosaries. We have a bishop to lead and a spiritual father to guide.

Patron :

Most Rev. Dr.Franco Mulakkal, the Bishop of Jalandhar Diocese is our Patron. Formerly, he was the Auxiliary Bishop of Delhi Diocese. He is fully convinced of the influence of visual media and its impact on mankind. He is of the opinion that it is high time the church to enter the visual media seriously. His thoughts and advices are always our inspiration. Under his leadership we march forward.

Spiritual Father :

Fr Shajan Thermodom, the known preacher and evangelist is our Spiritual Father. He was the chairman of the Kerala Service Team, the governing body of Charismatic movement in Kerala.At present he is the Director of Abha Charismatic Renewal Centre in Thrissur Arch Diocese. His inspiring talks telecasted frequently in Shalom Television itself are proofs of his commitment to propagate Gospel sincerely. He is with us to guide in the proper path.

Chairman :

About 22 years back, Franco Vadakkoot , a youth from Thirissur diocese went to Vienna, the capital of Austria in search of a job.He had his family with him – Anan Shobha, his spouse and later 2 kids, Franz Nicholas and Liz Mary.It was quite a normal life until he attended a retreat in 1991 at Divine, Muringoor. The touch of Holy Sprit he experienced during the retreat filled his mind with a strange mission…Sanctify the defiled visual media and propagate Jesus through the same because it is the most powerful mean. It was at this context he received an unexpected letter from his brother Jose from native place sharing the same view of evangelisation through visual media. The first thing Franco did was to start a prayer group in Vienna – Immanuel Prayer Group. He contacted with Rev. Fr. George Panakkal, the then director of Divine Retreat Centre of Muringoor from whom he got valuable instructions to start and run a prayer group. Immanuel Vision is one of the offshoots of Immanuel Prayer Group.

Franco and his wife Anna Shobha began to find out persons with similar thoughts as co-workers. Thus a trust was formed under the name . Immanuel Vision Media Foundation.

Our Team members :

George Menacherry, Lissy George, Bernarf and Maria
Stanley Kokkat.Jessy Stanley ,Joel and Ilsa
Mathew Parankey malil, Daisy, Amala, Alona and Anton
Annie Veseli
Tomy Valiyaveetiil, Joncy, Liza Maaria, Manessa, Daniel and Michael
Philo Kottanal
Babu Puthuparambil, Ansamma,Christeena, ……..
Jose Vadakkoot, Rosily Jose, Nigesh, Joe Pratheesh,Nidhisha Biju and Anisha Tobby
Godfrey Bernard, Alphonsa Godfrey, Benny, Tony and Roshinie
Jose Valiyaveettil, Prabha Jose, Kiran, ……….

Supporting Team :

Joshy K.T. and Mary Joshy : The full timers who are the backbones of Team Immanuel India in Head Office at Pavaratty (Thrissur Diocese). They proclaim the gospel by their own lives.They are the rare couple who both donated their each kidney to the needy ones.

Davis Kanjirathingal , Nirmala Davis and John K Davis.. Vasai - Bombay

V. L. Davis and Philomina Davis.. Bandra – Bombay