We conduct film shows of Bible themes, lives of saints and films of moral values wherever the authorities request for catechisms students, family units, festivals, anniversaries etc.
“..go throughout the whole world and preach the gospel, to all mankind” (Mark 16: 15)
Distribution of God’s Kingdom products is a very laborious work. Mobile Film Display and Sale unit has been initiated into use for corporate launches, product distribution & advertisements. Why can’t our Universal King exercise the same method used by corporate kings to reach speedily into the midst of public through this unit swiftly, easily and effectively. Simultaneously God’s Words will be imprinted in public hearts, through this unit beautifully. Let us join our hands for this God-given dream. (Just try to visualize, illustrations on God’s Words moving along public streets, similar to these posters).
“…and when you pay your tithes, do it gladly. Give to the most high as he has given to you, just as generously as you can. The Lord always repays and will do it many times over.” (Sirach 35: 9-11)