Media Centre

“Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father is pleased to give you the Kingdom.” (Luke 12:32) Television and its programmes have started to control daily schedule of our families – the lay society which is the basic constituent of the Holy Church. Evening prayers, participation in the Holy Mass, have all been converted to suit the timings of TV programmes. In this era, where television has taken over the importance attained by remote control in our homes, it is essential to display attractively, diversified programmes based on Gospel, on Spiritual channels. We have very little joint ventures working through visual media. The reason is none other than this: It is an exclusive working zone, which requires enormous monetary expenditure and human hard work. The significance of this small flock, Immanuel Vision, is here. I pray that Jesus, Our Lord may firmly utilize Immanuel Vision, producing diverse programmes and motion picture, depending entirely on God’s grace, for attaining growth of God’s kingdom, bringing God’s word in the midst of public, through electronic display boards, at public places, cinema theatres, following novel Gospel method. Just as second Vatican Council exhorts, it is our duty to support with economic resources and prayers, this type of services, which brings about vast economic liabilities. For this, I believe, if wealth saved by observing moderation in celebrating feasts and other money-flaunting exercises, is utilized for visual media Gospel propagation, so many souls can be benefitted.