Immanuel Vision

About Us

                     Our beloved Father in heaven, the Almighty God created the man and deposited a wonderful organ inside his skull- human brain. With this free gift from God, man invented many things. Invention of TV at the dawn of the last century was such a one. Within a short period, visual media has emerged the most powerful mean which influences the life of human being in every sphere. Aware of the strong impact of this media, Satan who is always cunning did not remain idle. He began to use this visual media as a weapon against God. God gives everything for our good only; but the enemy Satan always turns it against God. Here also it happened. Our house wives, children, youth, old people - all became his slaves - sitting in front of the digital box, enjoying nonstop films, series of serials, glamorous reality shows etc. – no time to converse even with family members, no time to pray to God – penetrating all sorts of evil thoughts into the human hearts.
                     If Satan uses visual media against God, why can’t we use the same weapon to strike him ? Was it not invented by our brain which was a gift from our own God ? Hit for hit..tit for tat..
                    This thought gave birth to a ministry- Immanuel Vision..a fellowship of Catholic laymen who are inspired to work in this visual media to propagate the gospel of God and proclaim Jesus Christ as the only redeemer of the world

The beginning

         The year ----- marked the birth of Immanuel Vision in Vienna the capital city of Austria. The seed of this ministry was first sowed by Holy Spirit in the mind of Francis Vadakkoot. It began to grow. More people with the same inspiration joined hands with him. Now it works in Switzerland also. In India, the Head Office is at Pavaraty in Thrissur district, 4 kms away from Palayoor, where the first Christian church in India was founded by St. Thomas the Apostle in 52 AD. There are units in Kozhikode and Mumbai also. Soon we plan to spread our wings to other major cities of South India as well as North India.

An appeal

Dear friend in Jesus Christ,

Man is ruled by media. His social, intellectual and spiritual growth and decline are in the hands of media..Especially with visual media.

Unfortunately today, the ;media is leading the mankind to a big havoc.

Through serials, cinemas, news and reality shows when murder, rape, sexual chaos, robbery, treachery, hatred, vengeance, selfishness appear in our living rooms, knowingly or unknowingly these poisonous seeds begin to root in our minds.

Drastic is the result.

A generation that has no time to pray, has no need of God, does not care for moral values, not aware of the chastity of the wedded life, not respecting the teachers and parents, not knowing that exploiting of co-human being is growing.. A generation that lost sense on sin.

Misuse of visual media is the main reason for this. Is it possible to live avoiding completely these visual media ? Never ! And it is not wise too.

What we can do is to pray ardently for the sanctification of this visual media and also to do whatever we can do to purify this field. Such was the inspiration got from God to Immanuel Vision. ‘Evangelization through visual media’ was the call. A region in which many are hesitant to enter.

Shift the control kept by Satan over the visual media into the hands of our God.

There are many organizations to help the poor. We compete to erect super specialty hospitals and huge international educational institutions. We find out crores of rupees to build gigantic churches for Infant Jesus who was born in the staple.

But for us where is time to save the helpless souls perishing by the influence of this vicious impact of visual media ? When will we get the awareness that it is our prime duty to liberate them from this satanic bondage ?

A spiritual breakthrough should happen in this field. For that we require a lot of good programs with moral values.

But we are reluctant to enter this field because this is not s profitable business. Even we will not get the returns for our investment. Still, Immanuel Vision remains in this field only because of the providence of God and cooperation many like you.

That is why Immanuel Vision could present many good activities.

Yet, we have to do a lot for the glory of our lord. For that we require many coworkers and financial support. We are sure that Almighty God will provide us with whatever we require.

If Holy Spirit inspires you to cooperate with the activities of Immanuel Vision, we are always happy to welcome you in the name of Jesus. Come, let us join our hands for a new age evangelisaion

Please remember us in your Holy Masses and daily rosaries.